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When the young fashion designer Karoline is called by her friends, they call her “Karlie.” When she had to spell her name on the countless journeys in the last years, she always said: „K like King“. So Karlie King came to life. What she neither found in Hongkong, nor New York nor Sidney was the fashion she would wear herself.

That is why she got to the decision, after studying industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg, to study fashion design at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich. But herewith she has not reached her target yet, because the place where she wanted to get her designs produced was still missing. The conventional productions in Asia were not justifiable for her.

But she found what she was looking for in the ancient textile city Thessaloniki. A place which combines tradition, professionalism and proper working conditions. Karlie says: “the people welcomed me with overwhelming cordiality and warmth. That’s the place I want to work at and here are the people with whom I can realize my visions.”

In the Greek port city she did not only find the people’s candor for her and her fashion, but also state-of-the-art technology. And she also discovered her love for knitting and its tremendous potential, what she wants to revive.

In 2014 Karlie King opened the first flagship store on Mykonos Island to spread her designs and fashion to the world. As Mykonos is a place from where originates a lot of beautiful art, Karlie also found an extraordinarily inspirational place to find energy and ideas for upcoming collections.